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Stéphane “Alias” Gallay, graphiste de profession, quinqua rôliste, amateur de rock progressif, geek autoproclamé et résident genevois, donc grande gueule. On vous aura prévenu.

Que personne ne bouge!

Ceci est un blog. Le mien. Il s’appelle “Blog à part” et doit être pris à peu près autant au sérieux que le titre l’implique. Ça faisait un moment que je jouais avec l’idée de faire un blog. Un web log, un “blog” pour faire plus court; une sorte de journal […]

Ninety degrees from everything else

No Bag of Tricks these days, I’m on holiday. So there. Instead, something a little more personal. Have you ever felt like the complete antithesis to what is happening around you? I have. I hate it. Saturday we were invited to a wedding. “We” being Otaku-chan (for those not following, […]


I went to see Star Wars:Attack of the Clones yesterday. Bless the World Cup and sunny weather: the theater was almost empty. But you won’t get a review today, sorry. I was about to, but then I got the news that a friend’s girlfriend died early this morning. It was […]

Bag of Tricks: Enter the Spriggan

OK, first review then, more or less. I’ll start with an anime: Spriggan (or “The Spriggan”). I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time, salivating in front of the ADV trailer. Finally it’s here, and I’m stuck with a severe case of trailer withdrawal syndrome. You know the […]

Bag of Tricks: An Intro

Okay, into the fray then. Theantix‘ Who You Are story incited me to make the plunge and start my own blog. That’s the easy part. The hard part is, what am I going to talk / write about? There came the Bag of Tricks. Those of you with AD&D flashbacks […]