Bag of Tricks: Spiderman vs. Shelob

So there was a porcupine tree, frogs and princes, adventurers in Middle-Earth, Nazi Uebersoldaten and some nerd in a red and blue costume. Oh, and Mister Garibaldi, too.

Quite a packed week-end, I tell you!

Last week-end, I bought Stars Die, the latest from Porcupine Tree. “Latest” may not be the best way to describe it, as it’s a compilation of their early efforts. I don’t know how it compares to what they do now, as it’s the first Porcupine disc I get, but I kinda like it. Porcupine Tree can be labeled as progressive rock, the kind of music you never hear all the time on the Radio. The two-disc set packs a weird cross between early Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd and Ozric Tentacles. Mostly instrumental, with some pieces over ten minutes. Gotta find some more!

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Bag of Tricks: Get out of my Head!

I love anime, and I love my girlfriend too. But sometimes I feel like I could yell, kill her and then hurl my DVD player out of the second-story window.

The reason: soundtrack.

Now I understand that J-Pop (that’s Japanese Pop, I believe) is not something for everyone. People dig it, my girlfriend dig it (heck, she’s one inch away — in the wrong direction — from going all karaoke during credits) and I don’t.

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Bag of Tricks: A Room Full of This

A little bit of music, a little bit of movies, a pich of animes and a few facts of life.

All this in this new selection from the Bag of Tricks.

And more…

So there was this Star Wars: Attack of the Clones review I was talking about last time. I had the whole of today to think about it and realised that everyone and his dog probably saw it already. But then, when did that ever stop me from making a fool of myself?

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